Second International Conference on Cyber Crisis Cooperation

2nd ENISA International Conference on Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Exercises

23rd -24th of September 2013 in Athens, Greece


Managing large-scale cyber incidents (leading to crisis situations) within a country, but most importantly cross-country, it is necessary to evolve the area of international cyber crisis cooperation. Such cooperation entails various aspects and must be activated at all levels, from the technical, to the operational/tactical, to the strategic/political.

The ENISA International Conference on Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Exercises is a unique high-profile international event that aims to directly support the new cyber-security strategy of the European Union by helping various constituents in their efforts for establishing a more coherent cyber-security policy.

Additionally, the conference is a key knowledge sharing platform for national and governmental level cyber security experts. It will also facilitate debate, information exchange and will offer networking opportunities to both technical experts and executive stakeholders.

In 2012, ENISA organised the first International Conference on Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Exercises. This conference focused on cyber exercises as part of an on-going effort to enhance network and information security and cyber crisis cooperation across the European Union. This international conference brought together a wide range of stakeholders and experts (from crisis managers, public authorities and academia) in the field of cyber crisis cooperation with special focus on the organization, planning and management of cyber exercises.

In 2013 ENISA would like to organise the 2nd International Conference on Cyber Crisis Cooperation, with a focus on other cyber crisis cooperation topics, such as information gathering and common situational awareness, escalation processes and procedures, the cyber crisis management in the general crisis management context, cross-country cyber exercises, means and tools of information exchange and communication etc.

Similarly to 2012 the findings from the conference will be complemented by a state of the art survey and analysis and will be published as a report explaining the major topics on cross-country cyber crisis cooperation, the challenges and recommendations for future work in each area.

The Event

This year, ENISA will host a two-day conference which will comprise of a variety of presentations and panel discussions covering the key challenges and developments for the Cyber Crisis Cooperation and Exercises domain. The presentations will be covering the following topics:

  1. Cyber-security and crisis management exercises
  2. National NIS incident management and cooperation plans
  3. Alerting systems and information exchange platforms for cross-border NIS cooperation
  4. Integrated situational awareness. Data collection, abstraction, visualisation
  5. Governance models, practices and escalation procedures for cyber crisis management
  6. International NIS cooperation for incident management and response
  7. Legal aspects of NIS cooperation and information sharing
  8. Handling public relations and media in the case of major cyber-incidents
  9. Breach notification / regulatory affairs: ENISA as the reporting point for the Member States
  10. Co-operation procedures involving civilian and national security stakeholders.

Intended audience will consist of:

  • Policy and decision makers with overall cyber-security responsibility at national level or at industry level
  • Heads of national / governmental CERTs, of cyber security competent national authorities, of national defense and security authorities
  • Policy and decision makers with overall cyber-security responsibility in international organisations.


City: Athens
Venue: Main Amphitheatre of the Greek Ministry of Infrastructures, Transport and Networks
Address: Anastaseos 2, GR-15669, Papagos
Metro stop: Ethniki Amyna (blue line - to/from the Airport)

The event will take place between 23rd -24th of September 2013 in Athens, Greece.

    Request for Registration

    If you would like to participate to this event please use the following form. You will have to submit your infomration by the 16th of August 2013. You will recieve a confirmation regarding your registration from ENISA by the 30th of August 2013. Please note that the seats are limited.  No fees will be chareged for attending the event.

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