2018 CTI-EU Event - Presentations Download Page

In this page you will find the links to download the presentations done during the 2018 CTI-EU event.

05 November 2018

  • AI in CTI: A Practical Approach

Gerd Rademann (IBM) - Cybersecurity with IBM Watson


  • CTI Capability and Maturity Model

Richard Kerkdijk (TNO) - CTI Capability Framework. Please click here to download the presentation.

Marco Lourenco (ENISA) - CTI Maturity Model. Please click here to download the presentation.

Misinformation Campaigns

Victoria Bains (Univ. of Oxford) - Misinformation, Fake News and Content Policing: An Operational Problem of Distinction



  • CTI in the European Commission (Panel Discussion)

Moderator: Aikaterini Poustourli (DG Home)

Marios Thoma (EEAS) - Please click here here to download the presentation

Ioannis Ascoxylakis (DG Connect)


  • Threat Landscaping Trends, Good Practices and CTI Tools

Andreas Sfakianakis (CTI expert) - Let's make CTI great (again): a 5-year lookback in CTI. Please click here to download the presentation.

Piotr Kijewski (ShadowServer) - ShadowServer Project

Jörg Abraham (EclecticIQ) - EclecticIQ Fusion Center

06 November 2018

  • Active Cyber Defence

Tejas Patel (Kudo Dynamics) - Active Cyber Defense

(CERT-EU) - CTI and Active Defence: definitions, goals, advantages, techniques and tools

David Barroso (Countercraft) - Tool up your threat hunting capabilities with active defense.


  • CTI Standardization

Trey Darley (New Context)

Christian Doerr (Tudelft Univ.) Please click here to download the presentation.

Greg Witte (ISACA) - ISACA work on standards. Please click here to download the presentation.


  • Innovative actions in CTI

Maarten Bras (European Central Bank - ECB) - Enhancing the cyber resilience of the financial sector by Threat Intelligence based Ethical Red Teaming - TIBER-EU

Panagiotis Kikiras  (European Defence Agency - EDA) - CTI Research Landscape

Georgios Chatzichristos (EU Agency for Network and Information Security - ENISA) - Open-CSAM - Inf. aggregator and reporting tool using AI and Natural Language Processing - Click here to download the presentation


  • CTI Trends and Developments  (Panel discussion) Please click here to download the notes from the planel discussion.

Moderator: Christian Doerr (Tudelft Univ.)

Salvador Llopis Sanchez  (European Defence Agency - EDA)

Isidoros Monogioudis (Digitalshadows)





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