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The Netherlands - NCSC publishes factsheet 'Use two-factor authentication'

The Dutch National Cyber Security Centre has published the factsheet ‘Use two-factor authentication’. This factsheet is the translation of the Dutch factsheet ‘Gebruik tweefactorauthenticatie’.

Published on May 13, 2015

“Accounts are secured by means of a combination of user name and password. This technique has been in use for several decades and it is the method most commonly used to get access to an account. The user often chooses simple passwords that are easy to remember. This makes it easier for malicious parties to gain access to accounts. When a malicious party gains access to an account, he can pretend to be the true owner of the account and misuse it.

The NCSC advises users to make use of two-factor authentication whenever possible. It also recommends the use of strong passwords, and to consider using a password manager. This technology makes it more difficult for a malicious party to gain access to accounts and offers users better protection. This factsheet focusses on the use of passwords. This factsheet is primarily intended for home users.”

The factsheet is available at

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