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France - French approach in terms of qualification of trust service providers & List of qualified companies

In order to facilitate access of administration and National Critical Operators to highly efficient and trust cybersecurity services, France has established a challenging and efficient process allowing the qualification of "trust service providers".

Published on April 20, 2015

Based on the savoir-faire of expert qualification bodies accredited by COFRAC and licensed by ANSSI, a rigorous evaluation process allows the qualification of candidate providers meeting the adequate security requirements. Candidate providers can apply for one or all services covered within the scope of evaluation.

As of today, several trust services providers for IT security audits have already been qualified while several others are being evaluated.

While their technical requirements are currently being elaborated, including via public consultations, qualified trust service providers for incident detention, incident response and Cloud will be soon available on ANSSI's website.

For more information:

Cyberdefence trusted service providers in France (Status: 31 March, 2015) Also available in FR.

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