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Germany - "Dig­i­tal Agen­da 2014 - 2017" adopted by Fed­er­al Cab­i­net on 20 August 2014

The Digital Agenda was submitted to the Federal Cabinet by the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, the Federal Minister of the Interior and the Federal Minister of Transport and Digital Infrastructure.

Published on November 27, 2014

The document is focused on three core aims:

  1. Developing our country's potential for innovation more effectively to secure further growth and employment
  2. Supporting the nationwide expansion of high-speed networks and promoting digital media skills among all generations to improve access to and participation in digital communication.
  3. Improving the security and safety of systems and services in order to increase trust among the public and the business sector.

The Digital Agenda includes implementing measures in seven action areas:

  1. Digital infrastructures
  2. Digital economy and digital work 
  3. Innovative government
  4. Shaping digital ways of life in our society
  5. Education, research, science, culture and the media
  6. Security, protection and trust for society and business
  7. European and international dimension of the Digital Agenda

The Digital Agenda is to be implemented in a dialogue among all stakeholders. The national summit, which will be aligned to the action areas identified in the Digital Agenda, will play an important role in implementing the agenda. The Federal Government will closely involve the German Bundestag, the state and local governments, civil society, industry and the research community as well as the collective bargaining partners, the data protection commissioners and representatives of the net-community in the implementation and further development of the Digital Agenda.

The Digital Agenda can be downloaded here.

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