Planning & Initiation

Integration of Processes - Planning and Initiation

Published under Risk Management

Determine target process

  • Determine which process shall be integrated with the RM/RA Framework

Assign resources

  • Assign resources for implementation (staff, support, technical resources)

Create Risk Management awareness

  • Create or raise awareness for Risk Management (done by global risk manager, backed up by senior management)
    • Communicate necessity to the respective area of the company
    • Illustrate importance for achieving business objectives
    • Communicate Risk Management as part of any process
    • Apply Risk Management in decision making

Detail operational processes

  • Detail operational processes which are to be integrated with the Risk Management processes (control flow, roles, information flow)

Perform process mapping

  • Perform mapping between operational process and Risk Management processes
    • Roles, information, information flow between processes

Provide tools for Risk Management

  • Implementing, acquiring, testing and deploying of tools for Risk Management

Provide staff training

  • Training of responsible staff (e.g. by presenting scenario walkthroughs) regarding
    • Activities
    • Responsibilities
    • Tools

Publish guidelines

  • Publishing and communicating guidelines/rules for Risk Management

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