ENISA work in the area of standardisation                     

ENISA work in the area of standardisation

In the field of promoting a Single Market for Cybersecurity products, the Cybersecurity strategy underlines the importance of the ETSI CEN CENELEC Cybersecurity Coordination Group (CSCG) and ENISA, by stating: ‘the Commission will support the development of security standards’; ‘Such work should build on the on-going standardisation work of the European Standardisation Organisations (CEN, CENELEC and ETSI), of the Cybersecurity Coordination Group (CSCG) as well as on the expertise of ENISA, the Commission and other relevant players’.

The Cybersecurity Coordination Group (CSCG) of CEN, CENELEC and ETSI is the only joint group of the three officially recognised European Standardisation Organisations with a mandate to coordinate Cybersecurity standards within their organisations. The CSCG was created in late 2011 to provide strategic advice on standardisation in the field of IT security, Network and Information Security and Cybersecurity. In response to the European Union’s Cybersecurity Strategy, the CSCG has published a CSCG White Paper with recommendations on digital security.

ENISA has worked in 2015 on the Recommenendations #1 (Governance framework for the coordination of Cybersecurity standardisation within Europe) and #2 (Definition of Cybersecurity). As results, two studies were published:

Further to this work, ENISA produced in 2015 an study to produce reommendations on how to increase the uptake of cybersecurity and privacy standards by SMEs. The analysis, based on the interviews with subject matter experts and review of available studies, shows that, despite rising concerns on information security risks, the level of SMEs information security and privacy standard adoption is relatively low.                      

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