A common vision and approach to how the EU supports and funds cybersecurity.

EU funding in cybersecurity

The EU is extending its support and investments in the wealth of expertise and experience in cybersecurity research, technological and industrial development that exists in the Union.

The EU is prioritising cybersecurity in its support of research and innovation, in particular through its Horizon Europe (HEP), Digital Europe Programmes (DEP) and Connected Europe Facility (CEF). The EU is also pooling resources and expertise by setting up the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) and the Network of National Coordination Centres (NCCs).  

ENISA's role under article 11 of the CSA is to contribute to the EU’s strategic agenda for cybersecurity research and innovation by providing advice on emerging needs and by helping to set funding priorities. The EU Strategic Agenda for funding cybersecurity research, innovation and deployment activities is an important tool to support ENISA's efforts to achieve a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union, which is our mission. 

Under the ECCC Regulation, ENISA provides strategic advice and acts as a permanent observer to the Governing Board, plays an active part in the activities, cooperates and ensures synergies and provides relevant input during the preparation of the Agenda, Work Programmes and Multiannual Work Programme.

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