Organise and perform face-to-face meetings


Face-to-face meetings are the most efficient type of meeting for a number of reasons. Meeting onsite promotes trust, protects information and enables efficient discussions without e.g. technology interruptions.

The meeting is often divided into an open and a closed session. At the open session organisers can invite external people such as potential new members, expert speakers, academic representatives, law enforcement and other relevant stakeholders.

The closed session is for the members only, and it focuses on the administrative parts, such as role selections, new memberships, the internal operating procedures, and marketing. Most importantly, the information exchange itself takes place during the closed session.

For the first meetings, organisers will take the lead and host and design the meetings. As the ISAC matures, organisers may want to propose that the members take turn to host the meetings on a voluntary basis.


  • Activity – Meeting, Speech
  • Document - Agenda

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