Follow-up and evaluation of isac impact


An important phase of the ISAC lifecycle is the evaluation of the ISAC. The objective of the evaluation is to help the ISAC study whether it is on the intended track, what impact it has and if there is momentum for further developing the ISAC. The evaluation could conclude that there is no need for changes or further steps, but regular reviews are still necessary to confirm the ISAC is on the right path.

It is vital for ISACs to keep in mind the progressive process of exchanging information. Threats, frauds and incidents change in their nature, which forces members to evaluate their need for new services and mitigation measures. Similarly, legislation, networks and organisations develop and change, which might force ISACs to adapt to new contexts. Therefore, constant evaluation processes of both the internal as well as the external contexts are vital.


  • Activity – Evaluation, decision-making 

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