Ad Hoc Working Group 04 - on EU Cybersecurity Market

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The ENISA Ad Hoc Working Group (AHWG) Cybersecurity Market Analysis supports ENISA in all relevant issues related to cybersecurity market analysis. For instance it provides knowledge and support in analysing market trends and segments, with a focus on cybersecurity solutions to meet the dynamic market needs of stakeholders.

The AHWG support ENISA by:

  • Identifying significant topics related to cybersecurity market analysis
  • Providing guidance on how to analyse these topics in order to achieve the goals of the ENISA
  • Discussing and possibly drafting opinions, if requested
  • Drafting reports on specific topics, if requested
  • Delivering input to and review documentation related to ENISA projects and outputs in the area of cybersecurity market analysis
  • Contributing to the validation of outputs in relation to cybersecurity market;
  • Advising ENISA in carrying out its tasks in relation to cybersecurity market.

This ad hoc working group is initially mandated for two years.

Jean Albert                                        Agence de la protection des programmes

Laurence Begou                                Atos

Jan Carroll                                         UCD Professional Academy

Noura el Ouajdi                                 TNO

Iuliana Enache                                  Detack GmbH

Massimo Felici                                  Accenture

Tiphaine Leduc                                 BRETAGNE DEVELOPPEMENT INNOVATION

Ruben Lirio                                       TIC Council DEKRA

Davide Maniscalco                           Swascan Tinexta Group

Roger Sels                                        BlackBerry

Oliver Vaartnou                                Cybernetica

Nina van Lanschot                           EclecticIQ

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