ENISA serves as the CSIRTs Network’s secretariat and supports the cooperation and coordination of CSIRTs during cybersecurity incidents.

CSIRTs Network

The CSIRTs Network provides a forum where members can cooperate, exchange information and build trust. Members are able to improve the handling of cross-border incidents and discuss how to respond in a coordinated manner to specific incidents.

The CSIRTs Network is composed of CSIRTs appointed by EU Member States and CERT- EU ('CSIRTs Network members'). The European Commission participates in the network as an observer. ENISA actively supports cooperation between CSIRTs, provides the secretariat and supports incident coordination upon request.


The CSIRTs Network was established by the NIS Directive in Article 12 'to contribute to developing confidence and trust between Member States and to promote swift and effective operational cooperation'.

The NIS Directive, adopted on 6 July 2016, represents the first EU-wide rules on cybersecurity. The objective of the Directive is to achieve a high common level of security for network and information systems within the EU, by means of improved cybersecurity capabilities at national level, increased EU-level cooperation and risk management, incident reporting obligations for operators of essential services and digital service providers. The NIS Directive is a major milestone towards building cybersecurity resilience on the European level. It entered into force in August 2016.

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