CSIRT Cooperation

In its Article 12, the NIS directive establishes a CSIRTs network "in order to contribute to developing confidence and trust between the Member States and to promote swift and effective operational cooperation". It is "composed of representatives of the EU Member States’ CSIRTs and a CSIRT for EU institutions CERT-EU".

The CSIRTs Network provides a forum where Member States' National CSIRTs can cooperate, exchange information, and also build trust. Member States CSIRTs will be able to improve the handling of cross-border incidents, and even discuss how to respond in a coordinated manner to specific incidents. The CSIRTs Network enables Member States to participate more actively in cyber exercises like ENISA's Cyber Europe.

ENISA provides the secretariat of the CSIRTs Network and actively supports the cooperation among the CSIRTs. The Agency organises meetings of the CSIRTs Network, and provokes discussion by proposing discussion topics. It also provides its expertise and advice both to the European Commission and Member States, either in the form of guidance or in answer to specific requests.

At the request of a Member State, the Agency can support the MS to develop a National CSIRT, or provide specific training in order to help the Member State’s CSIRT to improve its capabilities.

In cooperation with EC3, ENISA facilitates the coordination between relevant authorities and law enforcement agencies.

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