Increasing the confidence of European citizens and businesses in electronic transactions.


The eIDAS Regulation (Regulation (EC) 910/2014) enables the use of electronic identification and trust services by citizens, businesses and public administrations, to access online services or manage electronic transactions. Since 2013 ENISA has been in the forefront of the developments in eIDAS and has been supporting the Commission and Member States in the area of trust services and electronic identities.

Last June the European Commission presented a new framework for EU digital identity by offering citizens and businesses digital wallets that will allow EU citizens to retain their documents such as national digital identities, licences, diplomas and bank credentials securely in their smartphone. The wallet should also allow them to log in to online services across the EU and to electronically sign their documents.

ENISA also supports the European Competent Authorities for Trust Services (ECATS ) Expert Group

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