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Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University — ENISA

Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University


Master SeCReTS (Security of Contents, netwoRks, Telecommunications and Systems)


Computer Science

Louis Goubin et al

The SeCReTS graduate program (Security of Contents, netwoRks, Telecommunications and Systems) aims at providing a solid knowledge about the security of networks, telecommucations, operating systems (Unix, Windows, ...), and multimedia contents broadcasting.

The skills taught during the SeCReTS graduate program can be groupes in the following three categories: 1. Knowledge of a genuine culture of the fundamental principles of computer security (so that each student will know how to go deeper into one topic or another, during its whole professional life). There is a particular emphasis on the fact that security depends on several levels: harware, network, operating systems, applications. 2. Mastering of concrete aspects of security, that are really involved in the industry / the products (so that students can be immediately operational in the industry, and thus be competitive on the labour market). Exemples such as Windows, SLL, smart cards, etc, are not be ignored. Practical work, particularly about systems (and system administration) and networks are used extensively. 3. Understanding (progressively, all along the graduate program) -both at the theoretical and practical- the security cycle: "threats --> protections --> monitoring/exploitation --> corrections/modification of the security policy --> threats --> ..."


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