Engineering, mathematics

Olivier Pereira

Introduction to modern cryptography

This course illustrates the main aspects of cryptography that are used in practical applications. The following topics are discussed during the lectures : - Information theoretic security, perfect encryption ; - Probabilistic algorithms, computational security, attacker models, construction of security proofs in cryptography ; - Symmetric encryption : security notions, elementary constructions, DES, AES, operation modes and cryptanalysis ; - Authentication codes, hash functions ; - Asymmetric cryptography : public-key encryption (RSA, ElGamal, …), signature (RSA, hash-and-sign, …), Diffie-Hellman key agreement, public key infrastructures ; - Basic algorithmic number theory (modular arithmetic, primality testing, elliptic curves) ; - Protocols : identification, zero-knowledge, sigma protocols. The equilibrium between the various topics may change from year to year.


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