Technical University of Denmark (DTU)


Specialist Programme in Cyber Security


Computer Science

Christian Damsgaard Jensen

Graduate level cyber security program

The specialist programme in Cyber Security at DTU aims to equip students with the proper knowledge and skills to protect an organisation's assets (both intellectual- and physical property) through system security analysis; application of prevention, detection and ethical response techniques and to ensure business continuity by installing and operating suitable recovery mechanisms. In particular, students should be able to: * Conduct a security analysis of an organisation, which will include risk analysis, definition of threat- and attacker models, implementation of applicable counter-measures. * Implement continuous monitoring to enable real-time detection and collection of security data that may be used in forensic security analysis. * Participate in forensic analysis of cyber incidents and assist in recovery of operations. * Participate in the formulation, update and communication of organisational cybersecurity strategies and security policies. The specialist program in Cyber Security is defined as part of the Computer Security study line on the M.Sc. in Computer Systems & Engineering program at DTU, so only students admitted to this program can apply (courses may be taken individually) .


Christian Damsgaard Jensen

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