Singidunum University


Contemporary Information Technologies


Computer Science

Prof. Milan Milosavljević, PhD

- Information Systems Security and Digital Forensics
- Intelligent Business Systems
- Contemporary Internet Technologies

Contemporary business operations and the Internet rely heavily on each other. As a synonym for information and computing infrastructure, the Internet is mainly used for the purposes of transmission, processing and storage of data. Information will provide a reliable base for making business decisions only if its security, authenticity and integrity can be granted. In case of deterioration of these security services, digital forensic methods are used to detect and resolve the given problem. Through application of intelligent systems techniques and data mining, reliable and secure information transforms into valid and efficient business decisions. This study program should enable students to gain vast knowledge and skills in IT that will help you learn how to use methods of analysis and synthesis for all relevant phases of the business decision-making process. It prepares students for successful career in IT sectors (programming, security management, network and system administration, developmental engineering etc.)


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