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The 10-week online group-based interactive course in Cybersecurity covers policy challenges, actors, and initiatives related to cybersecurity, and specifically to cybercrime, security of the core infrastructure, cyberdiplomacy, international peace and security and international humanitarian law, cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism, and Internet safety.

Today’s headlines often feature the word ‘cyber’, reporting on threats related to the virtual world: online child abuse, stolen credit cards and virtual identities, malware and viruses, botnets and denial-of-service attacks on corporate or government servers, cyber-espionage, and cyber-attacks on critical infrastructure including nuclear facilities and power supply networks. What are the real cybersecurity challenges? What is the role of diplomacy, international legal instruments, and regional and national policies in addressing these threats, and how efficient are they? How does international cooperation in cybersecurity work, and what are the roles of the various stakeholders? The 10-week advanced thematic course in Cybersecurity covers policy challenges, actors, and initiatives related to cybersecurity. By the end of the course, participants should be able to: - Identify the defining features of cybersecurity, and the factors which shape the international issues. - Identify principal threats to cybersecurity; describe and analyse the key cybersecurity issues for users, and states. - Understand and analyse the Internet security issues for e-commerce including online banking and identity. - Explain the issues involved in cybercrime, its impact and investigation. - Understand the threats to the core Internet infrastructure. - Explain the concepts of cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism, and their role in international Internet policy. - Understand and assess the challenges involved in social aspects of cybersecurity. - Explain and analyse the international frameworks for cybersecurity policies and strategies. The course is delivered both as a certificate professional course, and as the credit course within the Post-graduate programme in Contemporary Diplomacy with the University of Malta.


Tanja Nikolic

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