Bucharest University of Economic Studies


IT Security - Cyber Security Master


Applied Computational Cryptography, Security for Networking, Web and Cloud, ePayment - smart cards, Distributed Computing - HTC, Parallel Computing - HPC, eMbedded - IoT, Mobile App Dev, Anti-Viruses Dev, Ethical Hacking, Audit - Risk Management and QA/SQ

Cristian Toma

Secure Application Development, Thread Analysis, Ethical Hacking, Audit - Risk Management and QA/SQE

Our Mission: Sharing theoretical knowledge and practical technological transfer from IT and Cyber Security field among the developers, administrators, project managers and users of the electronic devices eco-system. Our objectives and Goals: Rising the security and reliability level of development and deployment of e-Systems taking in consideration the risks of cyber-attacks and specific issues. The education of high level specialists in IT, Cyber and Informatics Security. ISM Features The ISM program has 4 semesters, 120 credit points (ECTS), it is in English language and it is ARACIS certified. The lectures are performed mostly in the week-end time. The lectures are in modules mode. A subject matter is debated during 2 or 3 week-ends. After these week-ends the entire table of contents for the certain subject matter is finished. In the end of each school semester, there is a examination session. The dissertation thesis are oriented to the analysis, design, development, deployment, management or audit of the security in the e-Systems from various field such as banking, telecom, government, military and industry For the lectures included in curricula, there are technical papers in electronic format Some courses are organized by specialists from industry leading companies like Intel, IBM and Oracle.


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