ENISA threat landscape for 5G Networks

Published under Threat Landscape

This report draws an initial threat landscape and presents an overview of the challenges in the security of 5G networks. Its added value lays with

  • the creation of a comprehensive 5G architecture,
  • the identification ofimportant assets (assets diagram),
  • the assessment of threats affecting 5G (threat taxonomy),
  • the identification of asset exposure (threats – assets mapping)
  •  and an initial assessment of threat agent motives. 

The information produced for this Threat Landscape is based on publicly available information published by 5G standardisation groups and bodies (i.e. ETSI, 3GPP, 5GPPP) and 5G stakeholders such as operators, vendors, national and international organisations.

An expert group with experts from mobile operators, vendors, research and European Commission has contributed to ENISA’s work with information on existing 5G material, current developments in the market and research and quality assurance of the current document. Moreover, the members of the NIS CG, European Commission and ENISA have reviewed the current document.

ENISA threat landscape for 5G Networks

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