Software Patches

Software updates fix known security vulnerabilities, and may also improve the functionality and performance of your program or device.

September 01, 2021

Software PatchesSMEs need to be prepared to upgrade their systems on a regular basis due to software and hardware becoming out of date. An SMEs IT infrastructure should be treated the same way as any other busines infrastructure and modernised on a regular basis So, it is highly recommended SMEs;

- update all of their software.

- set up a systematic procedure to keep it that way.

- Turn on automatic updates whenever possible.

- identify software and hardware that requires manual updates

- take into account mobile and IoT devices.

SMEs should look at implementing solutions that allows them to centrally manage and control how and when software patches are applied. This will also enable the SME to have visibility as to what devices may not have been successfully patched and may need additional attention to remedy.

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