EQR Q3 2006, vol. 2, no. 3

Open issue


Table of Contents


  • Good Practices for Managing Emerging Software Vulnerabilities
  • On Exploiting File Sharing Systems for DDoS Attacks
  • Raising Awareness to the Consumers – the 10 Golden Rules
  • A Study on Security and Anti-Spam Measures in Europe
  • A View from the Finnish EU Presidency on the Need for a Clear and Coherent Information Security Policy Framework in Europe
  • A Strategy for Diversity in IT within the German federal administration through the use of Open Source Software
  • An example of a good practice from Lithuania on Reducing the Negative Impact of Security Incidents
  • An Example of good practice from the Netherlands and the Lessons Learned from Risk Analysis in National Networks
  • Reports and findings from ENISA’s (co-) organized Workshops and Events:
    • Workshop on Risk Management Risk Assessment,
    •  ISSE 2006,
    • Awareness Raising Dissemination Workshop,
    • Workshop on CERTs
  • Announcement of new ENISA deliverables:
    • Online Inventory of Methods and Tools for Risk Assessment and Risk Management,
    • Step-by-step Guide on How to Setup a CSIRT,
    • Information Security Awareness Programmes in the EU: Insight and Guidance for Member States.
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