Recommendations on Cyber Insurance

Pre Information Notice

Dec 12, 2016

Negotiated procedure - maximum budget €25.000

The subject of this contract is based on the ENISA Work Programme 2017 - “O.3.3.2 - Recommendations on Cyber Insurance”. When it comes to Cyber Insurance, the respective risk assessment language is not yet harmonised across the industry. The lack of harmonisation also extends to aspects related to coverage. This fact potentially reduces the appeal of cyber insurance products for customers and limits the possibility of added-value offerings on top of more or less standardised products. The lack of a common risk assessment language may also impact the opportunities and prospects of insurance companies currently in the process of entering the market. ENISA will further investigate this fact by identifying the incentives and barriers for adopting a common framework. To support this study, ENISA will soon launched a tender to contract services that will perform the stock-taking and interview tasks to support the drafting of a final report.

If you are interested to be invited to participate in the tender then please register.

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