Public sale by auction - used IT and office equipment



Aug 10, 2015

SALE by AUCTION - all BIDS shall be submitted via secure email.

The various equipment on offer has been arranged into 3 LOTS with similar types of equipment being grouped together, please refer to Annex I for a detailed list of equipment of each LOT:

LOT 1 – Computers and Servers

LOT 2 – Printers and Fax machines

LOT 3 – Electronic and Communication equipment

ENISA intends to sell by auction, Information Technology (IT) and Office Equipment. All Agency equipment is located at the Agency’s premises in Heraklion. All equipment listed for auction has been retired from active use for a variety of reasons such as being obsolete due to newer technology or system upgrades, while some items may be not in working order. Please note that the Agency makes no warranties expressed or implied as to the condition of the specified equipment, or their suitability for any intended use.

Bids may be submitted for any or all of the LOTs you may have an interest in. No minimum reserve price is set so the best bid for each LOT will be accepted unconditionally. Inspection of items may be requested by appointment only.

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