PETs controls matrix - A systematic approach for assessing online and mobile privacy tools



Feb 05, 2016

Service Contract  - maximum budget of €55.000,00

The scope of this project is to provide a thorough and easy-to-use methodology for the assessment of PETs for the general public, together with its practical application in the area of mobile privacy tools. The successful contractor is expected to (i) Develop a systematic approach for the assessment of online and mobile PETs (PETs controls matrix) and (ii) apply the methodology, in co-operation with PETs developers, for the assessment/presentation of at least five (5) tools for mobile privacy (e.g. smartphone apps)

This tender will also be available from 27/12/2015 via the TED eTendering platform which publishes tenders for the European Institutions and bodies. Please follow this link:

Offers to be sent electronically using 'e-Submission' ONLY.

PDF document Contract AWARD Notice_D-COD-16-C08.pdf — PDF document, 93 KB

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