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Signing Ceremony of the Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessment Framework for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Applications

Signing Ceremony of the Privacy and Data Protection Impact Assessment Framework for Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) Applications, 6th April, 2011, a process which the Agency strongly has supported.

Published on April 06, 2011

Vice President Commissioner Kroes attended this historic event, as well as the Agency Executive Director, Prof. Udo Helmbrecht, who co-signed the framework, as the Agency has participated actively in the process leading up to the agreement.


This work has been done in close cooperation with  the industry and the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party. The focus of the PIA framework has been that the industry has been developing it on one side, and the Article29 endorsing it, on the other. Simultaneously, the European Commission’s DGINFSO has been providing the platform for its realisation.

ENISA has facilitated this process, as below, for which it has received appropriate recognition by all stakeholders.

The Executive Director Prof. Udo Helmbrecht underlines:
”The RFID PIA Framework is certainly a big success for Europe, bringing major stakeholders to agree on a approach for proactively addressing legitimate privacy concerns posed by the inappropriate use of RFID applications.”

Notably the Agency:

•    Published a report 'Flying 2.0', on emerging security risks when using RFID and Internet of Things, in air travel

•    Made a presentation to the Article 29 Technology Sub-group meeting in June on the Agency’s initial comments on the Industry's draft of 30, March 2010.

•Issued an official Position in July 2010. The position was referenced in the Article 29 WP opinion of July 2010.

• Assisted the European Commission in moderating a discussion between industry parties in a meeting held on the 22nd of October. This meeting paved way for an updated version of the PIA framework.

• After receiving a request from the industry, ENISA provided informal input to the latest version (III) of the PIA framework, before it was submitted to the Article 29 in November.


Background: what is RFID?

RFID, Radio Frequency IDentification, is the technology which enables our digital devices, e.g. smart phones, to become 'smart' and to communicate and interact with each other as well as the environment. In airports, for example, RFID item identification tags in the check-in systems, or on your luggage can improve effiecency and also make sure your luggage does not get lost. At the same time, it also brings new security concerns along. The Agency underlines in its reports that this technology, brings many benefits, but it also poses many new challenges and risks to be considered.


Video link of the event:

Photo of the event


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