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Security Measures for Digital Service Providers

ENISA publishes its study on technical guidelines for the implementation of minimum security measures for Digital Service Providers (DSPs).

Published on February 16, 2017

ENISA issues this report to assist Member States and DSPs in providing a common approach on the security measures for DSPs. The study describes the high-level security objectives by providing security measures and examples of implementation concerning DSPs and in particular:

  • Cloud computing service providers
  • Online marketplaces
  • Online search engines

With this study ENISA tries to:

  • Define common baseline security objectives for Digital Service Providers (DSPs). 
  • Describe different levels of sophistication of security measures which fulfil the abovementioned security objectives
  • Map the security objectives against well-known industry standards, national frameworks and certification schemes.

The report together with other relevant technical standards have been used as input to the discussions on the implementation of article 16(1) of the NIS Directive concerning the security measures of the DSPs.

The NIS Directive aims to develop cybersecurity capabilities across EU Member States. Commonly defined security measures can support harmonised security practices across Member States and potentially enhance the overall level of NIS in the EU.

Full report available online

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