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Europe Day, 9 May; how will you celebrate it?

Monday, 9, May is 'Europe Day'; to celebrate the diversity and 'mix' of languages, music, food which constitutes Europe. This year’s theme for Europe Day is; ‘Know you Rights-use your rights’; i.e. underlining the rights for businesses and citizens.

Published on May 05, 2011

Monday, 9 May, is 'Europe Day'; the day to celebrate Europe! Surprised? For many Europeans it is not yet well known, but since 1985, Europe has its own day to celebrate the specific character of Europe. The unique European mix of numerous different languages, countries, regions, food, music; all in a rather small geographical location; that constitutes Europe. What is your favourite mix?

Know you Rights-use your rights!

This year’s theme for Europe Day is; ‘Know you Rights-use your rights’; (See this year's poster) i.e. underlining the achievements of the EU for rights for citizens’  and businesses' rights.

Exercise your rights! Here you can find dedicated pages on your rights, for both citizens and business in all EU languages.

Travellers, immigrants, student, pensioner, employees can as all citizens, all find information on their rights, in such diverse areas as travel, health, education, vehicles, children.

Businesses can find out about all they need to know on how to start up, managing and expanding business, finance and support, taxes, environmental rules, research and innovation on the EU market.

Europe Day in Crete

In Crete, ENISA will participate in the Europe Day festivities in city centre of Heraklion, in the Town Hall Loggia, on 7th and 8th May, (since Europe Day is on a Monday this year).

On Saturday, 7th, the Pupils and Teachers of the School of European Education and of other schools will display their work on European history, geography, integration and friendship. All children will have the chance to ‘live Europe’ by participating in different activities during the event. Music, a small bazaar and handmade culinary specialties from all over Europe offered by the parents will accompany the event.

On Sunday, 8th, there will be a European Brunch at Apollonia Hotel, Amoudara, from 11:00 am until 3:00 pm, for which ticket are being sold. Please contact; pgp Q

More about Europe Day

For you who want to find about more about the history of Europe Day and the Schuman Declaration.

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