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ENISA Annual Privacy Forum 2017: security measures to bolster data protection and privacy

The need of privacy as an assurance for the protection of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights was reinforced at ENISA’s Annual Privacy Forum 2017. There is No Privacy without Security and no Security without Privacy!

Published on June 09, 2017

The users of electronic services, need to have simple tools to understand how their privacy can be compromised and have the means to deny the use of their data!

The ENISA Annual Privacy Forum 2017 (APF17) is a thematic conference that was co-organised with the European Commission / DG CNECT and the University of Vienna on 7-8 June 2017.

With a view to stimulate interactive discussions, identify new trends and produce compelling input to policy making, APF17 brought together representatives from policy makers, academia and the industry as well as the law enforcement community (Europol / EC3) and civil society.

 Notable speakers at this year's edition of the ENISA APF included: Dr. Wojciech Wiewiórowski (EDPS), Prof. Reinhard Posch, (TU Graz & Austria Chief Information Officer), Peter Fleischer (Google) and many more.

The Co-Chairs of APF17, Professor Erich Schweighofer and Prof Kai Rannenberg underscored the high calibre of the academic output of this year’s edition.

Seeking practical approaches to implementing GDPR, a panel composed by Hansen, Gerdes, and Fleischer explored various implementation strategies. Personal data certification schemes and their practical impact were discussed by Burnik, Bellamy, Meissner, Kamara and del Alamo. New challenges to privacy including Artificial Intelligence (AI) were vividly tackled by Goemand Dorny, Precsenyi, Haerting and Schrems. Finally, lawful interception, PETs and the role of law enforcement were addressed by Ammann, Beslay and Krenn.

APF17 was for the first time live streamed at: and it is expected that the bulk of presentations will appear on the ENISA YouTube channel. 

Select scientific contributions were published as pre-proceedings by the Austrian Computer Society; the proceedings will be published by Springer later in the year. News about the next edition of the APF will be available soon on the website.

Stay connected with #APF17: Follow #APF17, @PrivacyForum_EU and @enisa_eu on twitter, and the dedicated site

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About the event: The event is jointly organized by DG CONNECT (European Commission Directorate General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology), ENISA (European Union Agency for Network and Information Security) and in partnership with the EDPS (European Data Protection Supervisor).


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