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ENISA celebrates 10 years in Crete – Thanking the Region of Crete and the city of Heraklion

ENISA celebrated today (4th April) 10 years in Crete together with the island's local authorities. During the event ENISA manifested its gratefulness for the excellent support and expressed the certainty that any outstanding issues will be solved.

Published on April 04, 2014


Ten years after the adoption of the first ENISA regulation by the EU (Council and European Parliament) in 2004, cyber security is even more crucial for the economy of Europe. Security is high on the political agenda, as all of society is dependent on secure critical information infrastructure.

To mark its gratitude to the local authorities for the excellent support, the Agency met today, Crete’s Governor Mr Stavros Arnaoutaki's, the Vice Governor (Heraklion), Mr Evripidis Koukiadakis and the Deputy Mayors, Mr Gialitakis Nikolaos and Mr. Giorgos Aerakis. The meeting took place in the building of the Region of Crete.The governor and the Deputy Mayors were presented with an ENISA 10 years cake, and plaques as symbolic tokens of appreciation.




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