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Do you know who is who in EU cybersecurity?

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity publishes the EU Cybersecurity Institutional Map to depict the roles, responsibilities and tasks of EU Institutions and EU Groups in Cybersecurity.

Published on February 10, 2020

A complex landscape of actors in EU cybersecurity

The ENISA - EU Cybersecurity Institutional Map is an attempt to depict the complex landscape of actors involved in cybersecurity at the EU level. This map aims to provide a clear picture of the responsibilities and roles of the different EU institutions, agencies and bodies in cybersecurity.

This online tool is the output of the joint efforts between the Agency and the Austrian Presidency of the EU Council to provide a meaningful mapping of the cybersecurity roles and responsibilities and functions of all actors involved to both cybersecurity policy makers and the general public alike.

The EU Agency for Cybersecurity, Executive Director, Juhan Lepassaar, stated:

It is the task of the EU Agency for Cybersecurity to make sense of this landscape because the context changes continuously. The mapping of how the roles and responsibilities of EU institutions and groups have developed will allow us to regularly identify gaps, overlaps and improvements.”

What the map IS and IS NOT

The EU Cybersecurity Institutional Map IS:

  • A depiction of the roles, responsibilities and tasks of EU Institutions and EU groups.
  • A living tool that will be subject to a continuous content update process.
  • Based on publicly available information and input provided by EU Institutions, Agencies and Bodies.

The EU Cybersecurity Institutional Map IS NOT:

  • A map of Member State-level actors.
  • An analysis of actors with sectorial scope; the analysis for now is limited to actors with a horizontal role spanning across all sectors.
  • A detailed and all-inclusive description of roles and responsibilities.

How can I use the tool?

The EU Cybersecurity Institutional Map is an easy-to-use online tool that allows the user to get an overview of the EU cybersecurity landscape and drill-down to more specific information about the respective roles and responsibilities of each.

The user can navigate any of the three available dimensions:

  • Actors - EU Institutions, Agencies and Bodies with a role in cybersecurity at EU level.
  • Communities - groups of actors with a role in Cyber Resilience, Justice in Cyberspace and Cybercrime, Cyber Defence and Cyber Diplomacy.
  • Functions - specific activities or strategic objectives where actors can have a role

Next steps

The Agency will maintain this map on its website and periodically update the content in collaboration with other EU Institutions, Agencies and Bodies to ensure that the map is an accurate depiction of the constantly evolving landscape.

The map:

ENISA - EU Cybersecurity Institutional Map

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