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Governmental Cloud Computing Report -now available in Spanish

The Agency 'Governmental Cloud Computing' Report -now available in Spanish.

Published on May 04, 2011

ENISA has received the support of INTECO, the Spanish National Institute of
Communication Technologies, with the translation of the Agency's work on 'Governmental Cloud Computing' into Spanish.

Thanks to the initiative of INTECO, the report on “Security and Resilience in Governmental Clouds” is now available in Spanish.  INTECO also kindly contributed with its expert, Mr Marcos Gomez Hidalgo, in the Working Group, which underpinned the study.

The report author, the ENISA Expert Mr. Daniele Catteddu, commented:

‘ENISA is very grateful for this recognition of our work.  The fact that INTECO translated the report increased the chances for the results to better reach out to the Spanish ‘market’  of security specialists, as well as to other Spanish speaking communities in the world. We therefore welcome this concrete increase in EU-Member States' it security cooperation, which is a small step forward towards a better, global security cooperation.’

INTECO comments:

“We sincerely appreciate that ENISA has given us the opportunity to make the Spanish version of the reports and given the consent for us to make them publicly available. We believe this result displays the intimate relationship between ENISA as an independent EU-Agency of Expertise, and INTECO, which leads to further collaboration in the future”.

Link to the Spanish version of the report.

It should be noted that the translation has been undertaken by INTECO and is not an official EU translation.

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