GuidelinesFull ENISA logo with name

External parties have permission to use the ENISA logo in a manner which reflects the spirit of their relationship with the Agency. The logo should normally be placed with a link to ENISA’s website, www.enisa.europa.eu , or to a specific page on the ENISA website reflecting content to which users would like to refer their target audiences.

The ENISA logo must be used only as supplied, in its unique form of shape, lettering and colour. It should not be recreated or reproportioned.

Use of the logo, name and initials of ENISA for commercial purposes or in direct association with an article of merchandise is prohibited. The Executive Director may, however, deviate from this principle in special circumstances.

In addition, ENISA would like to emphasise the following:

  • ENISA is not an auditor, assessor, certifier or verifier of ICT, security or network reports by any other actor. Therefore, the logo cannot be used to indicate a ‘stamp of approval’ of an ICT security or network security report.
  • ENISA does not endorse any particular company that offers consulting, training, assurance or similar services; therefore the logo should not be used in a manner that indicates an alignment or ‘stamp of approval’ for a company’s services or expertise in relation to security products.
  • ENISA reserves the right to take appropriate action when the logo is used without its permission or if it is adapted, modified or otherwise used inappropriately.

ENISA does allow the use of a specialised logo for promotional purposes by organisations which are in formal co-operation with ENISA.

The ENISA logo 

The ENISA logo is generally accompanied by two other elements: the EU flag and the Agency name (European Union Agency for Cybersecurity). Together these 3 logo elements constitute the main marque of the ENISA brand.          

In order to emphasise the logo and ensure its prominence, the ENISA logo should be surrounded by an area free from other elements. This clear space is defined in relation to the size of the logo used

When superimposed on a patterned background, the ENISA logo should be positioned within a white box so that it stands out.

Mono versions

Where the ENISA logo must be used in a monochromatic version, it may be printed in black or white, as appropriate. The ENISA logo must always remain legible and stand out of the background. 


The ENISA logo can be downloaded in all its variations. Please note that inappropriate and/or unauthorized use of logos can lead to legal consequences.

For information on copyright and access to documents please read the legal notice

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