Programme Committee

The Programme Committee of the 8th ENISA-ESOs Cybersecurity Standardisation Conference 2024 is composed of recognised European experts in the area of cybersecurity standardisation.

  • Slawomir Gorniak, ENISA - Chairman 
  • Laure Pourcin, ETSI
  • Laurens Hernalsteen, CEN-CENELEC

  • Samim Ahmadi, Umlaut
  • Machiel Bolhuis, Oracle
  • Sonia Compans, STMicroelectronics
  • Arno Fiedler, Nimbus
  • Walter Fumy
  • Ben Kokx, Philips
  • Denis Praca, Thales
  • Jean-Pierre Quemard, KAT
  • Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University Frankfurt  
  • Martin Uhlherr, DIN
  • Francois Zamora, Orange

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