Risk Management

The present site is the central hub of information about Risk Management / Risk Assessment developed and maintained by ENISA.

This site encompasses a variety of information pertinent to Risk Management and Risk Assessment but it also gives information about activities and events in that area.

Target group of this content are all kinds of users (e.g. experts and non experts) who are interested to learn more about Risk Management, to get informed about current development and trends in that area or to apply existing Risk Management practices to their organization.

Numerous issues in the area of Risk Management addressed through the ENISA work Programmes will be gradually integrated into this site, such as:

All this information will be published both by means of interlinked content and downloadable reports.

Besides this kind of information, ENISA will inform interested users about relevant events in this field, about the activities of the ENISA ad hoc Working Group on Risk Management / Risk Assessment, about relevant national and international sources of information, etc.

In the middle term, ENISA intents to develop this site to a significant collection of knowledge in the area of Risk Management / Risk Assessment for all interested European stakeholders.