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ENISA's work in the field of CERTs / CSIRTs

What is it all about?

CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team)

FirefightersComputer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs, aka CSIRTs) are the key tool for Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP). Every single country that is connected to the internet must have capabilities at hand to effectively and efficient respond to information security incidents. But CERTs must do much more. They must act as primary security service providers for government and citizens. At the same time, they must act as awareness raisers and educators.

Not every country connected to the internet disposes of CERT capabilities. And the level of maturity among those who do vary dramatically. It is ENISA's mission to, as much as we can, clear out the "white spots" on the CERT world map and to minimise the gaps by facilitating setting-up, training and exercising of CERTs.

What do I find here?

These pages contain information about ENISA's work in the field of CERTs / CSIRTs, together with a lot of background information, useful supporting material and recommendations for further reading.

  • Overview

Find out more about CERTs and CSIRTs, who they are, what they do and where they are located, and about ENISAs work. More...

  • Support for CERTs / CSIRTs

Find a lot of useful material from ENISA to support the EU Member States and other stakeholders with  establishing and running CERTs / CSIRTs. More... 

  • Other related work from ENISA

Find out more about other work related to CERTs and CSIRTs. More...

Our team

Meet the people behind this, and learn how to contact them. More...