Cyber Europe


ENISA is facilitating the process of planning, conducting and evaluating pan European cyber crisis cooperation exercises.

Supporting EU-wide cyber security preparedness exercises is one of the main actions of the Digital Agenda for Europe, the new policy plan of the European Commission. ENISA’s new proposed mandate also highlights the importance of cyber security preparedness exercises in enhancing trust and confidence in online services across Europe.

In this context, ENISA is facilitating the process of planning, conducting and evaluating Pan-European exercises. The first such effort was the first Pan-European exercise on CIIP, Cyber Europe 2010, conducted on the 4th of November 2010. The exercise was organised by EU Member States with support from the European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) and the Joint Research Centre (JRC). 

In 2012 ENISA facilitatated the second pan European cyber security exercise, called Cyber Europe 2012, which has set more ambitious objectives and it is foreseen that it will further develop trust and cooperation of key actors in Europe in the area of CIIP.

In 2014 ENISA planned and organised with the EU Member States and EFTA countries the third pan European Exercise, Cyber Europe 2014. For the first time this exercise tested all three levels of incident response: technical, operational/tactical and strategic.

ENISA has already begun the planning of the next major milestone: Cyber Europe 2016.

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