Declaration of interests

Independence is one of the core values of the Agency. In all of its processes, ENISA ensures that it is independent from all external interests and that impartial decisions are taken.

Therefore, ENISA has to strike a delicate balance between getting the right expertise to guarantee high quality  decision making and at the same time strictly avoiding conflicting interests influencing (or being seen to influence) the decision-making process.

A conflict of interest arises if the impartiality and objectivity of a decision, opinion or recommendation of the Agency, including its bodies, is or might in the public perception, be compromised by an interest held by, or entrusted to, an individual working for the Agency.

ENISA's Management Board, Permanent Stakeholder's Group, Executive Director and officials seconded by Member States on a temporary basis, need to make a declaration of commitments and a declaration of any interests which might be considered to be prejudicial to their independence. These declarations are made in writing.


ENISA rules for prevention and management of conflicts of interest

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