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If you are downloading Call related documents from our website, kindly send us an e-mail to declare your interest in order to be notified directly in case of clarifications. Please put the ‘tender reference code’ in the subject field of the email.

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ENISA is happy to respond to any request for more information or to receive complaints regarding one of its public procurement procedures. You may also contact the European Ombudsman.

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Privacy Statement - ENISA procurement procedures

The ENISA Privacy Statement for the processing of personal data related to procurement procedures, is available for download via this link.

Currently active procurement procedures and 'pre-information notices' are listed below.


Further information on future tender procedures can be found in the ENISA Work Programme 2015


Reference to closed procedures including the 'contract award notice' can be accessed by selecting 'Past Calls' in the side menu.

All ENISA contracts strictly adhere to our 'General terms and conditions' which can be found at this link.  


If you are downloading procurement related documents from our website, kindly send us an e-mail declaring your interest. Please put the reference number in the subject field of the email. In the event of clarifications, you will be notified directly.

Calls for Tender

  • Public sale by auction - used IT and office equipment

    SALE by AUCTION - all BIDS shall be submitted via secure email.

    The various equipment on offer has been arranged into 3 LOTS with similar types of equipment being grouped together, please refer to Annex I for a detailed list of equipment of each LOT:

    LOT 1 – Computers and Servers

    LOT 2 – Printers and Fax machines

    LOT 3 – Electronic and Communication equipment

    ENISA intends to sell by auction, Information Technology (IT) and Office Equipment. All Agency equipment is located at the Agency’s premises in Heraklion. All equipment listed for auction has been retired from active use for a variety of reasons such as being obsolete due to newer technology or system upgrades, while some items may be not in working order. Please note that the Agency makes no warranties expressed or implied as to the condition of the specified equipment, or their suitability for any intended use.

    Bids may be submitted for any or all of the LOTs you may have an interest in. No minimum reserve price is set so the best bid for each LOT will be accepted unconditionally. Inspection of items may be requested by appointment only.

  • Events Organisation Services II

    Framework Service contract for a maximum of €720.000,00 over 4 years (re-launched)

    ENISA invites tenders concerning the provision of event support services for meetings at the ENISA premises or elsewhere (non-residential). Events organisation entails providing support to ENISA with regard to conference related services such as meeting rooms, local restaurant providers; local transport providers; local caterers; local technical support, reception facilities, technical equipment, registration handling and possibly interpretation services. Additionally prospective bidders should be in the position to support ENISA with regard to the provision of suitable hotel accommodation either directly or through a contractor such as a travel agent and/or a hotel chain. Venues for ENISA events vary according to the priorities of the interest group that organises or supports such meetings; prospective tenderers may be requested to make arrangements at locations throughout Member States’ capitals or major cities.

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