ENISA events on Risk Management

Through a series of events in the area of Risk Management/Risk Assessment, ENISA will:

  • Communicate achieved results;
  • Gather user feed back and user requirements;
  • Disseminate results and information;
  • Inform stakeholders about new developments in that area.

ENISA will both organize and co-organize events on Risk Management. This will have the form of dedicated workshops, but also special co-organized events within other European conferences or workshops.

Some events have been co-organized by ENISA in 2005, e.g. Information Security Risk Management Workshop within ARES 2005. Others have been organized entirely by ENISA, like the ENISA Workshop on Risk Management in October 2006 in Rome.

In this page we will inform interested parties about ENISA events on Risk Management and Risk Assessment. Disseminated information will cover both past and forthcoming events. The list bellow gives information about such events:

ENISA Workshop on EU Threat Landscape

ENISA is organising the EU Threat Landscape Workshop on the 24th February, 2015, in Brussels. The workshop is targeted at vendors, policy and decision makers, NIS security experts involved in threat intelligence, security operation centres and risk assessments, and other public and private sector organisations who use threat intelligence in cyber security defence

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